Frequently Asked Questions

What is an antiquarium?
In the ancient and medieval worlds, a room for the enjoyment of objects of unusual beauty, usually antiquities or rare books. In modern times, a small museum or library devoted to antiquities or fine books.
NOTE: Not, as is often deduced, a home for aged fish.

What kind of a place is the Moon House Antiquarium?
A house built around painting, sculpture, design, architecture, plot, and characters—as much a walk-in work of fiction as a house—so married to imagination as to blur what is real and what isn’t.

Is the Moon House and the story behind it completely made up?
Yes. The characters and events are fictitious. However, its architect, and the fellow who handcrafted its facades, sculptures, paintings, furniture, and cast of characters is, at the moment, still extant. (Douglas Fenn Wilson, 1953— )

Can I order a DVD or a soundtrack?
No. But the house exudes music all its own—the sound of boundaries falling away—a place where fiction, sculpture, painting, design, and architecture exert themselves in concert.

What inspired this place?
The Sonoma Valley’s pale taskmistress—its moon.

Dig, and you might glimpse beauty’s bedrock.
—Julian Bhigg, 1932

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